Our aquaculture oysters are grown in the deep, high energy waters of the Delaware Bay using a float and cage system that was built specifically to withstand this intense environment. The extremely strong tides of this area, bring a surplus of nutrients and food to the oysters. This surplus creates the perfect taste of sweet and saltiness.

The Sweet Sensation Oyster is our aquaculture oyster, that starts out as a seed oyster. When we buy seed oysters (baby oysters), they are about 2 mm in size. These seed oysters are placed in our nursery system, in flow through raceways and sloughs, located along the bank of the Maurice River. Where they are tended to almost everyday. This is where they grow to about 0.5 inches. Once they oysters reach a half of inch in size they graduate from the nursery system and taken out to the cages where they grow and are tended to about once a week. The oysters are harvested and sold from these cages when they reach market size of about 2.5 inches.

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