About Us

Bivalve Packing Company of Port Norris, New Jersey was founded in 1946 and is home to the East Point Brand Oysters.

Today Bivalve Packing Company is owned by brothers, Norman and Robert Bloom of Norwalk, Connecticut, and has been operated by Steve Fleetwood for over 25 years.

Why buy East Point Brand Oysters?

When you purchase East Point Brand Oysters you are assured that they are grown locally, packed on site, and harvested and shipped under strict National Shellfish Sanitation Program Guidelines.

Our standard is to ship only the freshest, quality oysters. East Point Brand Oysters are unloaded from our boats in cages and immediately refrigerated. On-board refrigeration is used in the summer months. At our packing facility large capacity refrigeration is utilized to rapidly chill our product to required temperatures. They are then washed, cleaned, sorted and packed for shipping under temperature control.

Unloading at the dock

From our plant the oysters are shipped to warehouses and restaurants by our long standing network of professional trucking companies, assuring the most reliable refrigerated service possible.

We ship nationwide. Look for our East Point tag on every box of our oysters. All oysters from Bivalve Packing Company, T/A East Point Brand, carry a tag with all pertinent information about the product source and a consumer information statement. We take great care to assure that all tagging requirements are adhered to, and this tag information must follow the product through to its end use and retained for 90 days.

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